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Dataset selection (FS_DATASET)

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Depending on the project developer's specifications, this element enables datasets to be integrated, created, and edited.

Unlike Index lists with datasets with which only one prescribed dataset type can be selected, via this input element (depending on configuration), you can also chose between different types of datasets.


Example for a dataset selection:

The following functions are available, depending on the configuration by the project developer:

Select data source

Datasets which are based on the data structure are administered in FirstSpirit in what are known as “data sources”. Such a data source can, for example, be a contact list (in the example: “Contacts”), in which the contact data of employees of a company is compiled and saved. For every dataset of this contact data data source, things such as title, first and last name, telephone number, e-mail address, street, house number, city, country and an image can be stored. Depending on specifications of the template developer, all, only some or none of the information are stored for a dataset.



If an available dataset has already been selected, then contents of the dataset can be searched for via the search field. Only datasets of the selected type are searched.

Directly below the search field, a small list with the best search results is shown (the list usually starts with datasets recently created or edited by the editor as well as datasets recently created or edited by other users). If more search results than the ones shown are available, the note Show more entries... is located below the list. Click this note to open the selection dialog.

By clicking on the magnifying glass, the Selection dialog likewise opens, in which the dataset can be searched for in more detail.

The number of results which are displayed is limited by the system.

Reference information

If a dataset is already selected, this is shown within the search field with name, preview image and extended text.

If no dataset has yet been selected, then this is shown below the search field.


If the mouse pointer is held below the search field, then – depending on configuration – the following icons will appear:

Clear selection: Click this icon to remove the selected element from this display again.
Only the reference is removed; the element itself remains available in the project and can be reselected.

Select dataset: Click this icon to select a dataset.
Alternatively, compatible datasets can be added with drag-and-drop (e.g., from reports).

New icon Create dataset: Click this icon (depending on the configuration settings made by the project developer) to create a new dataset and select it simultaneously. An edit window with all input components of the selected dataset opens.

Edit dataset: Using this icon (depending on the configuration settings made by the project developer), an already-selected dataset can be edited. An edit window with all input components of the selected dataset opens.
If no dataset is selected in the input element, the icon is inactive.

This input element is described in detail under Template development / Forms / Input components / DATASET (→FirstSpirit Online Documentation).

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