Introduction / Editing a preview page / Working with dialogs

Working with dialogs

There are recurring dialogs in ContentCreator which shall be described below.

  • Dialog for Editing elements
    This dialog is used for entering and changing a website's content.
  • Dialog for Selecting elements
    This dialog is used for such things as selecting images, files or links to other pages on the website. It is available, among other places, in “Dialogs for editing elements”.
  • Dialog for Editing image sections
    This dialog can be used for editing images.
  • Dialog for Translating content
    This dialog can be used for translating content.

Close dialogs with “X”


With a few exceptions all ContentCreator dialogs have a “X” in the header, which can be used to close dialogs globally.

If modifications have been made within such or a superior dialog, the editor will be informed by a security question, that all changes will be lost if the closing of the dialog will be confirmed.

If the closing of the dialog is canceled, exactly the dialog within the stack remains opened, in which the last modifications were carried out, and the editor gets the chance to save this changes.

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