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Creating and editing

copying data records

Takeover of existing dataset contents

Editing datasets is likewise done via the edit window as previously described. Only when creating datasets does the edit window also offer a search option on the top border. With this search, you can search for already-existing datasets of the same type and take over specifications for the dataset to be newly created, processed and then saved.

The search function here offers only datasets of the same type. If, from the “Create” menu, you select the entry “Create Press releases”, the search offers only existing press releases as search results in the edit window.

If suitable master copies are available within the project, they will be displayed when clicking the icon Icon master copy (see also page Create datasets).


It is possible to use elements such as images, sections, pages, and datasets several times in FirstSpirit; in other words, this content may appear in several places on the website. This means that changes to an element that are made on a preview page may affect other pages too.

The term “Usages” in the dialog header indicates that the current dataset may be used in other places on the website; for example, on another page or in another dataset. The number indicates how many places the dataset is used in. This usually counts the page on which the editor is currently located.
Clicking on the link opens a window listing the places where the dataset is also being used, together with the name and element type icon.

Icon for showing referenced elements Click on this icon to open the References report. You can check there which elements are referenced with this dataset.

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