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In FirstSpirit, elements can have multiple uses, such as images, sections, pages, datasets, etc. This means that this content can appear in several places on the website. This is then also referred to as “usages” or “references”.

If changes are made to an element in one place, they can affect other pages as well. For example, if you crop an image in Media Management or directly on a page (see Edit image section), the image may appear on other pages in the cropped format, too.

You can use the “References” report to quickly assess and check whether, where, and how changes to elements have an effect.

References are divided into

  • Inbound
  • outbound


All elements that link to the current element are displayed here.

Example pages that contain a link to the current page.


All elements used by the selected element are displayed here.

Example: Media or datasets that are included on the current page (e.g. per Reference selection (FS_REFERENCE) or Dataset selection (FS_DATASET)).


Each reference is represented in the report with

  • type icon
  • name
  • description / path
  • preview image (if applicable)

One click takes you directly to this reference.
For example to a medium in the media management or to another page (preview mode).

Icon for showing referenced elements For each element of the report, the respective references can be called up in turn.

To which element do the displayed references apply?

The element to which the report refers is indicated by the entry below the report heading.

  • If you are in the preview, the report always refers to the current page.
    If you switch to another page via preview or navigation bar, the references of the selected page will be displayed.
  • For elements such as sections, media and datasets , the respective references can be displayed via the Icon for showing referenced elements icon.
    You will find it in many places in the ContentCreator, for example in


By default, the report shows the references of the current preview page.

Icon for fixing display You can fix the current element by clicking this icon.

This way, when you switch to another element, the references of the fixed element will continue to be displayed and can thus be checked step by step.
The background will then turn blue.

Clicking on the text with blue background will take you back to this fixed element at any time.

With a click on this icon the fixation is released and the display of the references then follows the preview again.


The list of references can also contain elements from other projects or elements for which there is no display option in the current ContentCreator session. Such references are displayed in the report, but no further interaction is possible with them.

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