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Create dataset

Depending on the project developer's specifications, additional entries can be available under New, for example, “Create product”. With this, you can newly create datasets of a certain type (for example, products). A dialog opens, in which all necessary information can be specified.

Depending on the configuration, different Input elements can be filled in in this. See also pages Editing content and Editing contents – Datasets.

Dialog Create dataset

Copy data from

copy data from

This search field can be used to search for existing datasets in order to reuse the data. The search is already limited to the basic content source.

The data of the selected dataset are taken over in the dialog and can be edited further as needed.

Select master copy

Icon master copy With this icon all available dataset master copies can be shown (see page “Bookmarks in the report area”, paragraph Functions). The data of the selected master copy will be taken over in the dialog and can be edited further as needed.

If no dataset master copy exists, the icon is disabled.


Product datasets overview

Saving the input data concludes the creation of the new dataset, and it is automatically added to the corresponding content source. If the data of the content source within the project is output on a page, then the output is correspondingly extended. If the editor is in the preview, an automatic forwarding to the detail page of the dataset takes place after saving.

If the dialog for creation of a new dataset is closed without saving, then no new dataset is created. All entries made within the dialog up to that point are lost.

For more information please see also page Working with Datasets.

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