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Execute project backup

The project backup function is used to export the current state of the project. The project backup is created automatically in the path defined as the backup path in the fs-server.conf configuration file. (In this case it is possible to transfer the directory to a different hard disk for backup (see BACKUP_PATH parameter information)

Limit number of exported revisions to: this specifies the number of revisions created during export. When limiting the revisions to 1, only the current state of the project is exported (see RepositoryManager).

Only export more recent revisions: this sets a maximum age limitation for the revisions that are to be exported. If the current date is used for this setting, only the current state of the project will be exported.

Export deleted elements: selecting this option includes deleted elements in the export file. If the option is disabled, all deleted elements are ignored during the export and are no longer available for re-import under the "Restore deleted elements" context menu item.

Export database contents: this option makes it possible to control the export of database content. If this option is selected, all data sources and their content are exported. If the option is disabled, the data sources alone are exported without their content. Only the empty tables are left.

Available from FirstSpirit Version 5.2R2 Export automatically calculated image resolutions: If required, resolutions that have been defined for a project can be automatically calculated by the system and saved on the server side. This method speeds up generation times. (Generating large numbers of media in many different resolutions is very time-intensive.) This option can be used to export the server-side image cache for automatically calculated resolutions (default setting).
However, if the export file needs to be as small as possible, the option should be deactivated. In this case, the content of the server-side image cache (MEDIA_STORE_CACHED_PICTURES) is not exported.

The function “Clean up server” is used to delete export files that are no longer required for the project backup.

The license-dependent “FirstSpirit Enterprise Backup” module allows for efficient incremental and differential data backups. All changes to a project are backed up individually starting from a defined starting point (snapshot). If necessary, a full backup can be created from the initial backup file (snapshot export) and the respective changed backup files.

For more information, see "Documentation for the FirstSpirit EnterpriseBackup module".

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