Introduction / FirstSpirit JMX Console

FirstSpirit JMX Console

Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a standard interface available for managing Java applications. It is possible to monitor and manage the FirstSpirit server using the JMX console. While FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring primarily concerns itself with manual monitoring, the JMX interface is used for automatic monitoring and is ideally integrated into any existing, company-wide monitoring system. The JMX console can basically also be used interactively.

Compared to ServerMonitoring, clearly more detailed information is provided about the JMX console. JMX offers a standardized way to view and manage application resources or resources under JVM. All values and operations are provided by what are known as managed beans (MBeans). Some MBeans and information provided by them are covered on the following pages.

Important The structure and function of the MBeans explained in the following are continually subject to change. Due to continuous updating, the documentation may only be suitable to a limited degree. It is therefore possible that due to the lag time between this publication and changes to JMX, figures or descriptions in this documentation may deviate from the current view of the JMX console interface.

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