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Cache Size Manager

The Cache Size Manager splits the available main memory into different caches. This entry displays information on the overall cache size and information on the project-specific caches (“SharedCaches”). Like the Repository Manager, the Cache Size Manager is a dynamic manager. This means that the entry is loaded in the JMX console only after the corresponding project has been opened by at least one user. The information is then refreshed dynamically at runtime.

Attributes (all)

CacheCount: total number of currently active caches (for all projects).

CacheSize: absolute size of cache. The value shown here is a result of the values set for the parameter CACHE_SIZE (absolute) or CACHE_PERCENT (percentage) in the fs-server.conf configuration file.

LastCalculationDate: the last time the memory was redistributed among the caches.

UsedCacheSize: specifies the cache size currently used by all caches.


void distributeCacheMemory(): executing this method redistributes the available cache memory. After execution, the value stored under LastCalculationDate is adjusted.

Attributes (project-based)

In addition to the overall CacheSize information, the projects have their own Cache Size MBeans, which are grouped under the MBean shared caches in the Cache Size Manager.

MissCount: the counter records the number of requests from all projects to the server that could not be handled directly from the cache. These requests must be forwarded to the back end and handled via access to the hard disk. A high or sharply increasing value is an indicator of poor cache usage and thus delayed response times.

PreferredSize: the preferred cache size is shown. This cache size is not always the same as the actual assigned value (“size”), depending on the PreferredSize distributed, among other things.

Size: by default, the Cache Size Manager allocates the size of a MB to each project cache. If the preferred size is higher, more memory may be provided. The amount of memory a project cache receives depends on the available global cache size, the preferred size of all projects and the weight for the individual projects.

Weight:: the weight is a parameter defined in the project properties of ServerManager. A project cache receives more (if weight is higher) or less (if weight is lower) memory from the Cache Size Manager depending on the weight.

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