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Server Action Manager

Many CPU-intensive actions, such as determining the dependencies of objects during release, are shifted from the FirstSpirit clients to the server. The Server Action Manager manages these server actions and also ensures that the actions are cleared periodically after processing.


ActionCount: number of all server actions currently being executed on the FirstSpirit server. Depending on the particular implementation, a situation may arise where after a server action is executed, the server action handle is not removed. In this case, the remaining server action handles also increase the action count and are removed periodically after a waiting time (default value is 5 min.).

Actions: shows all FirstSpirit server actions (string array).


java.lang.String getActionResult(actionID): the method returns the result after the server action is completed, e.g. result=true for release server actions. This is possible if the server action has already been completed, but the associated server action handle still exists. In the case of internal FirstSpirit server actions, the server action handle is automatically removed after the action has been completed.

java.lang.String cancelAction (actionID): when executing this method, the server action is canceled using the assigned action ID. The result of the action is returned.

boolean isActionRunning(actionID): the method returns whether the server action is still executed on the server using the assigned action ID or not.

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