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This documentation is aimed at FirstSpirit administrators and provides information on configuring, managing and monitoring FirstSpirit.

Additional documentation for administrators:

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Feature scope description for our products

This documentation describes the full functional scope of our products.

Further restrictions may apply based on:

  • your license agreement with Crownpeak Technology GmbH,
  • your chosen deployment model and
  • your role (and authorization) in the FirstSpirit environment.

This means that certain functions and capabilities described in the documentation may not be available to you or not available in full, other functions and capabilities may be provided to you preconfigured and cannot be activated or deactivated manually.

Information on deployment models and the respective roles can be found further down on this page.

Important If you have any questions or problems related to missing or incorrect functionality, please contact Technical Support or your account manager.

Deployment models

Cloud / SaaS

Our Cloud/SaaS model offers you a full product that is executed and managed by Crownpeak as a service provider. There are different shapings within the model. A shaping includes FirstSpirit components as well as components that are used outside FirstSpirit and even potentially outside our Cloud (see hybrid approach).


Hybrid solutions offer you a link between the provision of services via the Crownpeak Cloud and an on-premises installation. You can keep your on-premises solution, but connect yourself to the cloud with some requirements, with personalization of content via FirstSpirit ICE for example. This is usually done for security reasons or when complete migration to the cloud becomes costly and time-consuming.

Hybrid solutions are possible by using FirstSpirit ICE or FirstSpirit CaaS, which are only available in SaaS operation, in conjunction with an on-premises installation.


In the on-premises model, all resources are installed directly on site. This model is perfect for companies that want to build their own digital ecosystem. It is highly customizable and gives you the flexibility to choose the infrastructure on which to run your application.

Important Each deployment model has a different user, authorization, and administrator concept. 

Authorization and administrator concept

Administrative roles (SaaS)

In the SaaS environment, Crownpeak as a service provider takes over the installation, operation, and maintenance of FirstSpirit and guarantees reliable performance.

Users and access authorizations in the cloud environment are also managed by Crownpeak via an identity provider (Keycloak). The administration concept provides the role of a project administrator on the client side.

Project administrators in the SaaS environment can by default:

  • change their project's properties
  • export their projects
  • cleanup their projects

Administrative roles (On-Premises)

The user with the ID 1 who was automatically created when a FirstSpirit Server was installed is named Administrator. There is only one administrator per Server. In principle, he has got all rights for FirstSpirit Server and applications. However, this user can be blocked from accessing specific projects (“ServerManager / Project / Settings / Options / Block administrator”). He is always server administrator at the same time, this role cannot be taken away from this user (he is “super administrator”).

Server administrators always hold all of the permissions of the administrator. The role of server administrator can only be assigned to a FirstSpirit user by the administrator or by another server administrator. There can be multiple server administrators per server.

Administrators and server administrators can for example:

  • create / export / import / delete new projects
  • create users
  • change the properties of all projects
  • define project administrators
  • install und uninstall editor and function components
  • execute special server operations

Project administrators always hold all permissions in projects in which they have been added to the default “Administrators” group (see Add user).

By default, they can:

  • change their project's properties
  • export their projects
  • cleanup their projects

Important FirstSpirit is not a universal “out-of-the-box” product, but continuously developed software. New functionalities and customer suggestions are constantly integrated and realized. These constant updates can only be reflected in the documentation to a limited degree. This may result in some figures in this documentation varying from the current FirstSpirit view. Please do not be confused by this, and just follow the instructions as normal.

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