Introduction / FirstSpirit Server backing up and recovering

Backing up and recovering the FirstSpirit Server

When using FirstSpirit in a corporate environment, there are different methods available for backing up data and recovering the FirstSpirit Server:

  • Individual FirstSpirit projects can be backed up during operation via a standard project action in the schedule entry planning (see Backup at project level).
  • A full backup of the FirstSpirit Server includes backing up all FirstSpirit projects and is executed via the file system. This type of backup is not possible during operation (see Full backup of FirstSpirit Server).
  • In addition, other (license-dependent) backup strategies are possible using the FirstSpirit EnterpriseBackup module.

When selecting which method to use for data backup and recovery, certain key aspects must be taken into account:

  • maximum permitted data loss with regard to the last change time (determines the backup interval)
  • pressure on system resources due to data backup and recovery: CPU, storage I/O, network I/O, data volume
  • maximum permitted downtime for FirstSpirit Server

These aspects should be considered and evaluated individually for each project.

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