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File system organisation

Table of contents

In the following chapter, the directory structures of the server installation, the configuration file names and the web application structure will be explained.

File names

  • Configuration files:
    • fs-server.conf
    • fs-database.conf
    • fs-logging.conf
    • fs-license.conf
    • fs-update.conf
    • fs-wrapper*.conf
  • Program files:
    • fs-isolated-server.jar
    • fs-isolated-runtime.jar
    • fs-or.jar
    • fs-isolated-webrt.jar
  • Log files:
    • fs-server.log
    • fs-clients.log
    • fs-wrapper.log
    • fs-gc.*.log
    • fs-webapp-*.log
    • fs-database.log
    • fs-schedule.*.log

Web applications

Web application


Startpage and SiteArchitect
(dynamic preview)


(local preview system, static preview)


ContentCreator and ContentCreator preview




Preview (not ContentCreator)



Generated project content is stored by FirstSpirit Server in the default generation directories (fs5staging, fs5preview and fs5webedit) or in local project generation directories. Access to these generation directories is protected, which means that when calling this content, user authentication is required as long as it has been configured (see configuring the login process).

These security measures apply to all global and local project staging web applications.

Directory structures

Path / directory




Start environment incl. required system binaries

System areas which are completely overwritten during server update


Java environment incl. all libraries

~fs5\web (obsolet)

FirstSpirit web applications


FirstSpirit configuration files

Configuration areas which can be changed by the user for the system configuration


All project data incl. modules, etc.

Data area


Archived files

Temporary file area & exports


Project exports for data backup


Project exports for interactive export/import processes


Log files


Temporary FirstSpirit files


Location for storing JAR files (“JAR cache”)


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