Introduction / FirstSpirit Server configuration / Online documentation for local FirstSpirit installations

Available from FirstSpirit Version 2023.12 The online documentation of FirstSpirit (ODFS) is no longer provided by the local Firstspirit installation by default. Instead, a call to the help automatically redirects to the current documentation on With the help of the “FirstSpirit Online Documentation” module (odfs.fsm), the desired version of the online documentation can be set up by the server administrator if required to restore the previous setup.

Installing and setting up the module

Installing via ServerManager

First the module “FirstSpirit Online Documentation” (odfs.fsm) has to be installed in the desired version via the ServerManager (see also page Modules).

Configure global web apps

Once the module has been installed, a global web application has to be added (see also Web applications).

Now the “FirstSpirit Online Documentation” web component has to be added to the global web app and the global web app installed on a desired web server.

After this, the parameter ODFS_BASE_URL has to be defined in the server configuration file fs-server.conf. This can also be done without the need to restart the FirstSpirit server.



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