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Full backup of FirstSpirit Server (offline)

The full backup of the FirstSpirit Server includes:

  • the entire FirstSpirit Server directory (including all projects and modules on the server)
  • all contents from databases used within the FirstSpirit projects

This backup takes place at the file system level and is not possible while editing is ongoing. The server must be shut down for the duration of the backup (and when a backup is being recovered). This is necessary to ensure that the server is backed up in a consistent state (when the FirstSpirit Server is shut down, nothing is written to the file system-based FirstSpirit repository):

  1. Activate maintenance mode: If maintenance mode is activated, depending on the configuration, no users can log on to the FirstSpirit Server or to selected projects; open clients are automatically terminated, depending on the configuration. Users logged on to FirstSpirit are notified that the server is going to be shut down and are thus able to save their current changes before logging out. To activate maintenance mode, a corresponding server schedule is required (see Maintenance mode).
  2. Shut down FirstSpirit Server (e.g., via the Exit menu)
  3. Create and archive a file-based backup of the entire server directory. The FirstSpirit projects and modules are part of the directory and are therefore also backed up. A standard backup program is used rather than a FirstSpirit functionality. Depending on the backup tool used, it may also be possible to use incremental or differential backup methods.
  4. The contents of the databases used must then be backed up separately. A suitable method must be selected based on the database used; for example, the mysqldump instruction can be used for MySQL databases.
  5. Start FirstSpirit Server.

The FirstSpirit Server (and all projects) can then be recovered using the backup created previously. Individual projects cannot be recovered using an archive file created in this way. The FirstSpirit project backup should be used in this case.

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