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Server Manager

The Server Manager manages general data and methods for controlling and configuring the FirstSpirit server.


IgnoreStopServerRequests: shows whether the FirstSpirit server control via the ignoreStopServerRequests(pwd) method is disabled (true) or not (false).

Version: shows the version of FirstSpirit Server based on this format:


java.lang.String dumpThreads(): when executing the method, a thread dump of the server is generated and returned.

boolean logThreadDump(): when executing the method, a thread dump of the server is generated and written to the server log file (fs-server.log) with the INFO log level.

boolean enableVerboseMemoryLogging(): the method reroutes all garbage collector log outputs (covering the Java VM memory load) to the console (command line/shell) started by FirstSpirit.

boolean disableVerboseMemoryLogging(): the method disables rerouting of the garbage collector log output to the console (see enableVerboseMemoryLogging()) and resets the status originally defined for the log output.

void clearLoggerCache(): this method resets the cache for log instances.

void restartManager(manager): this method restarts a manager. The name of the desired manager must be provided to do this.

void ignoreStopServerRequests(pwd): this method prevents the server from being stopped by the conventional server control; it has been introduced for the internal testing infrastructure.

void resetIgnoreStopServerRequests(pwd): this method restores the conventional status of the FirstSpirit server control (see ignoreStopServerRequests(pwd)) .

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