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Starting the JMX console


To use the JMX console effectively, a remote connection must exist to the application that will be monitored. Starting with JDK 1.5, it is possible for an integrated platform function to start a JMX agent. The fs-server.conf configuration file must be adapted in order to activate this function for FirstSpirit Server (for configuration information, see Area: JMX ). 

The JConsole is started in conjunction with the application using the jconsole command line call:

Starting the JConsole (remotely)

Remote access is started using the “Remote Process” option. In addition to the host name, the JMX port of the target application can also be entered here. If the corresponding parameters have been configured (recommended for production systems), authentication using the “User name” and “Password” is also required. The JConsole is started by clicking on Connect. (The appearance of the JMX console interface depends on the JConsole used.)

An extensive description of the GUI is available at:                

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