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Repository Manager

FirstSpirit uses content repositories to archive and maintain version histories of project data. The content repository is a central location where the required file structures (media pages, templates, etc.) are managed by the Content Management System. Each FirstSpirit project has its own self-contained content repository; for each repository there is an MBean in the JMX console “Repository” folder. Display is dynamic. This means that the entry is loaded in the JMX console only after the corresponding project has been opened by at least one user. The information is then refreshed dynamically at runtime.

BackendClass: class that implements the corresponding repository (currently only Berkeley DB is supported).

BasePath: full path to the project's repository.

LastClosedRevision: number of last revision released for this project.

RevisionCounter: total number of revisions for this project.

UncommitedRevisions: total number of revisions currently being edited (not yet released).

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