Introduction / FirstSpirit JMX Console / MBeans


All values and operations for JMX monitoring of the FirstSpirit server are provided by managed beans (MBeans). These are under the “MBeans” tab of the JConsole.

"MBeans" tab in JMX console

MBeans provide information and statistics (“attributes”) as well as processing options (“operations”).

Attributes:information and statistics that can be viewed in the form of a table (standard view) or chart (switch view by double-clicking on the corresponding value). Clicking on the Discard chart button closes the chart view.

Reference recalculation via the JMX console (Operations)

Operations: operations that can be called using specific managers in order to view additional statistics or initiate particular actions, for instance. The operations are started by clicking on the relevant button.

Important Executing operations via the JMX console while the system is running may cause errors (e.g. when restarting the manager) and should only be done by experienced FirstSpirit administrators.     
The operations are executed immediately (without prior prompting).

Info: general information about the manager (name of manager and class implementing the manager).

The relevant information or operations are displayed only in managers in which they are relevant (for examples, see BerkeleyDbBackend).

Some MBeans and information provided by them are covered in the following pages.

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