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NIO Socket Server

Communication between FirstSpirit servers and clients is handled via the NIO Socket Server. The associated MBean shows the manager's current measured values.


Host: socket host; the host name for the Socket_Port bind address used to limit the FirstSpirit server to one IP address when required. If there is no value here, the server binds to all host IP addresses. This value is defined using the SOCKET_HOST parameter in the fs-server.conf configuration file.

Port: FirstSpirit server sock port. This value is defined using the SOCKET_PORT parameter in the fs-server.conf configuration file.

ConnectionCount: number of currently open sockets for communication between the FirstSpirit server and FirstSpirit clients.

ConnectionCreationRate: number of socket connections recently opened within the last 60 seconds. 

ConnectionGroupCount: number of FirstSpirit clients (SiteArchitect, ContentCreator, web applications) currently connected to the server. (Not the same as the number of open sockets.)

DanglingCallCount: The FirstSpirit server processes all client requests using the following strategy. The FirstSpirit server responds immediately to short requests. In the case of requests that require a response exceeding 30 seconds, the server response is no longer returned immediately, but is instead processed by the server and then provided for retrieval by the client. The DanglingCallCount attribute returns the number of requests that were processed by the server and were prepared for retrieval.

LongDurationCallCount: number of long duration requests (>30 sec.) that have not yet been completely processed by the FirstSpirit server and have therefore not been prepared for retrieval by the client.

ResultWorkerCount: number of client requests currently being processed.

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