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Event Manager

The Event Manager provides information on fired and sent events. Many actions initiated within the FirstSpirit environment result in certain events. For instance, loading a project can cause corresponding references to be loaded via the Reference Manager. The Event Manager provides different managers (e.g. Reference Manager and Search Manager) for the interface.

Additional actions that fire events are:

  • Create, edit, save and delete elements
  • Load, change, deactivate and delete projects 
  • Create, edit, save and delete database content

The Event Manager determines the processing speed and load on the FirstSpirit server, particularly in multiuser environments.


EventListeners: number of server and client-side event listeners currently registered on the server.

EventQueues: the event queues are the server-side equivalent of the client-side event listeners. Since the server cannot place the events directly on the client, these events are placed in a queue until they can be retrieved (see also EventsQueued). This value provides indirect information on how many clients are connected to the server.

EventsFired: events fired in the last 60 seconds.

EventsQueued: number of events that have been fired and not yet processed (see also EventQueues) (within the last 60 seconds).

EventsSent: number of actual events sent (to an event listener) within the last 60 seconds.

LastFiredEvents: the last events fired (string array).

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