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Copying actions from a different schedule entry

The Copy action button in the Edit schedule entry is used to copy an existing action from a different schedule entry to the schedule entry currently being edited. The following dialog box opens:

Copy action

This dialog shows a table of all existing schedule entries:

  • Within project properties: all project-based schedule entries.
  • Within server properties: all server-based schedule entries.

Double-clicking selects the schedule entry from which one or more actions are to be copied. A new dialog opens where all actions of the selected schedule entry are listed:

Copy action – Selecting the action to copy

Double-clicking on a single schedule entry copies it from here to the edited schedule entry.

Important In addition to the ability to copy individual actions, an alternative is to copy multiple actions simultaneously. To do this, select all actions by pressing the CTRL key. After confirming by clicking on OK, all selected actions are copied and added to the schedule entry.

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