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Action templates

Important Some changes to action templates are saved immediately without having to click on OK to confirm. This type of save is not reset if Cancel is used to close the dialog.

Action templates make it easy to manage actions that are to be used in multiple schedule entries – even in other projects – using identical configuration. Action templates can only be edited where they were created. To make action templates available to other projects or server-side schedule entries, these need to be marked as “public”.

Public: If this option is active, this action template can be used in all projects on the server to add a new action to a schedule via Usage of action templates.

Copy allowed: If this option is active, the action template may be added to a schedule task as a copy, and this copy can subsequently be edited there. If this option is inactive, the action template can only be added to a schedule task as a reference.

Template type: displays the type of action. Possible options are:

Name: name of the action. The name is assigned automatically depending on the selected action (see template type):

  • Deployment
  • Script
  • Mail

Uses: number of schedule entries that use this action template.

Clicking on the Add button creates a new action template. First the action type must be selected.

Clicking on the Edit button allows the user to edit the selected action template. A new dialog with the corresponding input screen opens.

Important Changes made to an action template affects all schedule entries that reference this template.

Clicking on the Delete button allows the user to delete the selected action template. A prompt must be confirmed before deletion.

Important Deleting an action template is only possible if it is no longer being used in any schedule entry.

Clicking on the Uses button opens a new dialog that shows all schedule entries in which this action template is used:

Displaying uses of a selected action template

Project: the name of the project to which the schedule entry belongs.

Schedule entry: the name of the schedule entry that uses the action template.

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