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Server and project administrators

Task sharing in FirstSpirit also refers to the administrators, who are distinguished according to their permissions. Each project which is created on the server requires one or more project administrators.

The user with the ID 1 who was automatically created when a FirstSpirit Server was installed is named Administrator. There is only one administrator per Server. In principle, he has got all rights for FirstSpirit Server and applications. However, this user can be blocked from accessing specific projects (“ServerManager / Project / Settings / Options / Block administrator”). He is always server administrator at the same time, this role cannot be taken away from this user (he is “super administrator”).

Server administrators always hold all of the permissions of the administrator. The role of server administrator can only be assigned to a FirstSpirit user by the administrator or by another server administrator. There can be multiple server administrators per server.

Administrators and server administrators can for example:

  • create / export / import / delete new projects
  • create users
  • change the properties of all projects
  • define project administrators
  • install und uninstall editor and function components
  • execute special server operations

Project administrators always hold all permissions in projects in which they have been added to the default “Administrators” group (see Add user).

By default, they can:

  • change their project's properties
  • export their projects
  • cleanup their projects

Server and project administrators have got all permissions by default in newly created projects in SiteArchitect.

For more information please see page User.

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