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Project properties

The project properties can be called up by double-clicking on the desired project in the project list. Additional ways of accessing the project properties are via the Project - Properties menu item on the menu bar or by using the Change properties button.

Clicking on the Change properties button opens the project properties (via the project selection list) of the highlighted project.

The project selection list shows only projects for which the user who is logged in has the necessary permissions. A server administrator naturally has access to all projects on the server, and a project administrator only has access to projects for which he has been explicitly been assigned as administrator (for more information, see Server and project administrators).

Once called, the “Edit project” dialog box appears. The properties for the selected project can be editing using the menu entries on the left-hand side of the window. The associated settings can be changed for each menu entry on the right-hand side of the window.

Important The project settings for a project can always be edited only by one user at a time. An error message will appear if a second user attempts to open the project settings area for a particular project.

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