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This area contains a list of all databases that could be used in the project.

The Derby database layers are hidden here by default unless they have been explicitly selected.

Here it is to be mentioned that Derby databases are bound to the project for which they are created (recognizable over the project ID in the name of the Derby database). Derby databases are automatically shut down if the corresponding project on the server is not used for a longer period of time!

Via the option “Show databases for all projects” it is possible to show them additionally.

Important The Derby database, integrated in FirstSpirit, is not dedicated for productive operation and should be used for test purposes only.

The table includes the following columns:

Name: the names of all databases on the server are displayed here.

Selected: each database with a checkmark in this box can be used for a database schema in the FirstSpirit client. This automatically sets write access to the database for this project.

Read-only: if the selected database should only be available as read-only in the project, this option needs to be selected. In the case of external databases (“No schema sync” is selected), read-only must be selected.

No schema sync: if this option is selected, changes to the database schema that are made in FirstSpirit SiteArchitect are not made to the physical database. This setting must be selected in order to bind to external databases.

Important Shared access to the database (read-only): So that database content can be used in several FirstSpirit projects, shared access must be configured in the project settings of all participating projects. Care must be taken to ensure that no more than one project is given write access to the database and that all the remaining projects only have shared read access to the relevant database content. This means that the "Write-protected" and “No schema sync” boxes must be checked for the projects concerned when configuring the corresponding database layer.                   

The “No schema sync” setting prevents changes to the database schema from being applied to the physical database. Checking the box for "Write-protected" prevents shared write access from the projects to the database. Read-only access to the database content is then possible in all projects (views of the database); however, changes to the database content cannot be initiated from projects.

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