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COPY property

In contrast to most other input components in which de-/activating functions takes place using the “GOM” definition on the form tab, rules are used for this for FS_CATALOG.

Duplicating entries

The input component

offers the function

  • Duplicate (via context menu)

to the editor by default.

This function can be controlled using the COPY or NEW property.
If there is no explicit definition for COPY, the status of NEW is taken into account.

To allow “Duplicate” but disallow “New”, COPY must be explicitly enabled, NEW disabled, e.g.:

<PROPERTY name="COPY" source="catalog"/>
<PROPERTY name="NEW" source="catalog"/>

Note: The icons in the preview (EasyEdit icons) cannot be influenced by rules. If you would like to prevent the “Duplicate” functionality in the preview in general, you can use the Tailored UI mechanisms for this purpose.

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