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The ContentCreator

The aim of FirstSpirit ContentCreator is to make working with FirstSpirit as easy as possible for editors and to enable them to maintain existing editorial content and to create new content in a short time. Unlike in FirstSpirit SiteArchitect, to do this the editor works directly in the preview of the project in the browser and therefore immediately sees the effects of their changes on the website.

In order to keep use and user prompting as simple and understandable as possible, the ContentCreator concept intends for the editor to only be displayed the function and content they actually need at the present time. Functions which are not relevant for daily editorial work are therefore not included in ContentCreator.

Important The functionalities of the ContentCreator can be deactivated on a project-by-project, fine-grained basis and are thus potentially not available in the respective client. See page Standard functions.

The “ContentCreator” area is divided into the following sub-chapters:

  • Requirements: Among other things, this chapter explains the conditions under which ContentCreator can be used in FirstSpirit projects and which configuration options are possible with respect to administration.
  • Functional scope: To keep use and user prompting as simple and understandable as possible, the ContentCreator interface does not provide the full functional scope of the FirstSpirit SiteArchitect. This chapter summarises the functions contained in ContentCreator.
  • Restrictions: This chapter lists all restrictions in ContentCreator in comparison with the SiteArchitect.
  • Customization: The ContentCreator interface can be adapted to the requirements of the respective project.

Further information:

  • EasyEdit: In order to make working with editorial content even more easy and transparent for the ContentCreator editor, FirstSpirit provides the “EasyEdit” functionality. This can be used for visualizing editable areas on the preview page or report entries (“Hit marker”), enabling image cropping or interactivating menu items of the navigation etc.
  • JavaScript API: This chapter introduces objects which enable interaction with the ContentCreator user interface and other functionality via JavaScript, e.g. triggered from documents within the preview. This makes it possible to trigger navigation to a desired page in the preview or to force the display of a report with a specific filter configuration.
    The ContentCreator JavaScript API can be accessed in the HTML preview pages via the top.WE_API object.
  • Multi Perspective Preview (MPP): The Multi Perspective Preview (MPP) visualizes a project website from multiple perspectives which simulate what a visitor to the website sees. This tool can thus be used to check content on dynamic websites which responds to device classes, time, and user settings.
    For example, the preview can be configured to take on the dimensions of the display area of a smartphone screen so that the layout of the page content can be checked in this smaller view. There is also a timeline for displaying not only time-driven content that is not due to be visualized until a later date some time in the future but also previously released versions of the site. A special template is even provided for integrating project-specific parameters which define the role of a visitor to the website, for example, and can thus affect the content that is visible in the preview.

    Documentation for template developers:
    MPP_API: JavaScript API for Multi Perspective Preview

    Documentation for administrators:
    Options (→Documentation for Administrators)

    Documentation for editors:
    Manual for Editors (ContentCreator), Chapter “Menu functions / Perspectives
  • Plug-In Development: This chapter aims to provide a quick-start guide towards understanding the client's plug-in capabilities, implementing the essential aspects of each plug-in type and deploying complete plug-ins for use in ContentCreator.

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