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Restrictions in ContentCreator


At the time of writing (2022-09), the following restrictions/discrepancies apply in ContentCreator:


  • “New window” projects: When a new window is opened, no ContentCreator bar is available inside it.
  • ContentCreator preview: The preview may not be up to date, e.g. if changes have been made to the templates. In this case, an up-to-date preview can be requested manually.
  • Release: ContentCreator does not support projects unless they function on the basis of releases (i.e. it does not support projects known as “auto-release projects”, ServerManager, “Options” area, “Use release” option deactivated).
  • Actions on page objects: Unlike in SiteArchitect, the editor is largely unaware of the divisions between the individual stores in ContentCreator. As a result, editors see the page, page reference, referenced media, and datasets for a preview page as a single unit. In SiteArchitect, by contrast, these object types can be edited individually in the stores.
    Actions that do not relate to individual elements (e.g. a section or a medium) are performed in the context of the preview page. These include, for instance, element state and workflow indicator plug-ins as well as the scripts and tool bar plug-ins that are launched via the “Actions” menu (refer also to the Menu entries page). Such actions can access the element on which the preview page is based, as can the WebeditUiAgent Developer API object. In most cases, this takes the form of a page reference, but the situation is different for
    pages that output exactly one dataset. Here, the dataset is taken into account instead of the page reference for actions that can be performed for the preview page in ContentCreator. This means, for example, that a workflow started via the page state would affect the underlying dataset. However, in the case of pages with multiple datasets, the underlying page reference would be taken into account by default.
  • Default values: ContentCreator only supports the use of default values to a very limited extent.
    In FirstSpirit SiteArchitect, a (non-persistent) default value can be entered for an input component in the form area of the template. The SiteArchitect editor sees these default values when he or she opens the form and the relevant input component is highlighted in color. The editor can then decide whether he or she wants to accept the default value (default value is made persistent), overwrite it with another value, or retain it (default value is non-persistent).
    Note: When a form is opened with the default values in ContentCreator for the first time, these (non-persistent) default values are initially displayed. Then, when the form is saved, the default values are immediately stored persistently. In ContentCreator, there is no way to reset values to their defaults once they have been saved within the input component. Nor is it possible to disable the save function in advance.
  • It is not possible to enter any reference names, as these are automatically generated and assigned by the system.
  • Popular web browsers differ to varying degrees in terms of how they work and what functions they offer due to the implementation differences between them. In principle, FirstSpirit ContentCreator can be used with any of the browsers supported. However, some special or alternative functions are not provided by all the supported browsers.
  • ContentCreator does not allow users to follow links to remote projects in the preview.
  • Furthermore, the following functions (which are provided by SiteArchitect) are not available in ContentCreator:
  • There are no plans at all for the following to be introduced in ContentCreator:
    • Support for permission assignment
    • Editing of document groups (read access is still possible, though)
  • Soft hyphens: Soft hyphens cannot be displayed in ContentCreator forms (under Windows, for example, Alt+240). Although they can be entered in the ContentCreator, they are only displayed in SiteArchitect forms. (See also Community.)


Objects from the following stores cannot be edited in ContentCreator; however, they are still displayed and can be selected via input components (e.g. FS_REFERENCE):

  • Template Store (incl. page, section, format, and link templates; scripts; database schemata; and workflows)

The following objects are not displayed in ContentCreator:

  • Project and user settings (Global Settings)



Page Store

It is not possible to create sections based on table templates (“content projection”). Instead, these must be created in SiteArchitect.

Data Store

It is not possible to create data sources and data sources folders.

Not all input component types are visualized in the overview display (column view, list view...).
There are no filter and only limited sorting options.

Permissions which are assigned for data sources (see also Editorial permissions (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect)) are not considered for filters in ContentCreator for technical reasons (context menu option “Set filter”, see also Context menu - “Extras” (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect)).


Input components (restrictions)

Input component



Manual input not possible (allowInput parameter)

The w, W, D, and F formatting symbols format parameter) are not supported in ContentCreator.
It is the client language that determines the language values displayed (z, M, E). This language is set via the start page.


No length restriction (maxCharacters parameter).


No cell formatting supported (format templates are still possible, but no cell-specific attributes are allowed)


Only rectangular border objects can be created.


The navigation between neighboring elements differs in SiteArchitect and ContentCreator because of the differing user guidance.


This input component cannot be used to delete any datasets (allowDelete parameter); all it allows you to do is remove the reference to a dataset.


The navigation between neighboring elements differs in SiteArchitect and ContentCreator because of the differing user guidance.

In the data sources view, columns of type FS_INDEX are displayed only if they use the DatasetDataAccessPlugin.


The imagePreview parameter does not do anything in ContentCreator. A thumbnail is always displayed.
Unlike SiteArchitect, ContentCreator allows new pages to be created in FS_REFERENCE (depending on the configuration).


Design elements (restrictions)

Design elements

Restrictions in ContentCreator


No restrictions


Unlike SiteArchitect, in ContentCreator the grouped elements are displayed separately from the tabs parameter definition only in the upper form area (not on the page or below) as tabs. The height and scrollable parameters do not have any effect in ContentCreator.


In ContentCreator the size, bold and italic parameters have no effect.


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