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Advanced topics

This chapter deals with further aspects, which are interesting for working with FirstSpirit.

The following topics are elucidated:

  • Generation: Creating and delivering content in FirstSpirit is based on the “pre-generation” principle. Wherever possible, the content is not first produced on the live system at the time of the user query (live rendering), but is instead already on the FirstSpirit server (i.e. in a less time-sensitive offline mode) for what is called “Generation”.
  • Server-side release: In addition to release via a workflow, all objects in FirstSpirit can be released server-side via the Access API. To do so, there are methods of defining the different release settings for an object. In this way, the specific release can be used to release additional objects dependent on the current object, such as the complete parent chain and child elements of the object to be released.
  • Exif data: This page describes how to store Exif data in the Media Store.
  • Remote access: FirstSpirit allows to access contents of another project from one project. This chapter lists amongst others the input components which can be configured for remote access.
  • Document groups: Several independent pages can be grouped together to one unit by means of the “Document groups”. The hierarchical structure, which is defined in the Site Store for these pages, will be negated. This chapter shows possible applications and concrete application examples.
  • Tracking changes: FirstSpirit provides an option for tracking changes via the FirstSpirit Access API. Access to the revision metadata is possible via certain API functions.
  • Input assistance: Code completion enables all available tags, parameters and values to be shown and inserted at the insert mark on respective tab with one keystroke.

Successively, further topics will be added.

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