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The concept of the FirstSpirit ContentCreator allows the user interface to be individually designed and extended or functions that are not required to be hidden, according to the requirements of the specific project or user. This allows for even more intuitive operation.

  • Customize the standard functions of ContentCreator
    (also called “Tailored UI”)
    The standard functions of FirstSpirit ContentCreator can be adapted according to the requirements of the respective project (functions of the menu bar, in the preview and reports).
  • Integrate project-specific functionality into the ContentCreator preview
    To enable project developers to implement complex use cases in the preview area, ContentCreator offers several internal Java classes which, in conjunction with the FS_BUTTON input component, implement special content-related functions.
  • LiveEdit
    “LiveEdit” enables the editor to edit content more directly, for example on generated pages, without the need for starting the ContentCreator.

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