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API documentation

The API documentations ( Application Programming Interface) describe the public interfaces of FirstSpirit. They allow access to a wide variety of values, functions, etc. in templates and scripts through these interfaces.

Access API

The Access API is an API for the Java programming language and is one of the most important interfaces that FirstSpirit offers. As a provider of enterprise software solutions, we at Crownpeak understand the importance of a stable and reliable API for developers. In order to achieve a balance between this stability and necessary developments, we have established transparent rules for potentially incompatible changes:

  • Methods, classes, and functions that are to be changed in an incompatible way are initially marked with @Deprecated. The documentation then includes further information such as the deprecation timeframe and possible alternatives.
  • The respective release notes contain an overview of the newly deprecated code elements.
  • Methods, classes, and functions that are marked as deprecated in this way will be removed or changed from the Access API no earlier than six additional releases.
  • Modules using affected code elements should be adjusted and recompiled within this period. In this case, an update of the affected module is necessary (see Modules (→Documentation for Administrators) and Update (→Documentation for Administrators)).

A restriction exists for experimental APIs annotated with @ApiStatus.Experimental. Those will not be mentioned in the release notes, and removal or changes can occur as soon as the next release after being marked with @Deprecated.

The FirstSpirit Access API documentation can be opened by clicking the following link:

Java SE Core API

The Java Standard Edition (SE) Core API documentation by Oracle (general functions) can be opened by clicking the following link:

JavaScript APIs

FirstSpirit provides several JavaScript APIs which allow functional linking of preview documents with the clients ContentCreator and SiteArchitect. For example, this enables updates of configuration parameters in “Multi Perspective Preview” (Multi Perspective Preview (→Documentation FirstSpirit SiteArchitect)) from within an HTML document in the integrated preview in order to synchronize these parameters with the current state of the document as navigation or other events occur.



Multi Perspective Preview (both Clients)

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