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WE_API: JavaScript API for ContentCreator

ContentCreator provides a JavaScript API which allows control of some aspects of the user interface and the preview. For example, it provides functionality to trigger navigation in the preview to a specific page reference or to display a specific report and set its filter parameters.

This API is accessed via the JavaScript object top.WE_API. The API can be used in preview HTML as well as in JavaScript-based actions (e.g. InlineEdit buttons or report actions). Additionally, the JavaScript API for ContentCreator can be used from within FirstSpirit scripts and executable classes by using a specialized operation; for details, see Scripts.

The API object provides the following functionality sets:

  • Common
    provides basic functionality such as obtaining the current preview element, creating a dialog, showing a simple message box and executing Java code.
  • Dialog
    enables configuration, display and control of a ContentCreator dialog with HTML content.
  • Preview
    provides functionality to query and control aspects of the ContentCreator preview, such as reloading the entire preview or parts thereof.
  • Report
    allows display of a report and configuration of its filter parameters with desired settings.

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