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VISIBLE property

Rule-base display and hiding of input components

Input or design components can be visible or hidden using rules. The expression <PROPERTY source="gadget" name="VISIBLE"/> can be used for the definition of a precondition, in the value determination area and in the handling instruction area of the rule definition and displays or hides (for example in the area handling instruction) the component in the form (depending on a particular condition).

With the help of the attribute VISIBLE, for example, a rule can be defined that displays an input component, depending on the editorial language or the store type in which the form is opened.

The following applies:

  • If an input component's VISIBLE property is not defined within a rule definition, it will always be shown in the form.
  • If the input component's VISIBL property is defined within a rule definition, it will only be shown when the condition defined in the rule applies. The component will be hidden in all other cases
    (see example: Hiding input components in certain content areas).

Important Using rules to display and hide form elements is not a security model for protecting data and content from unauthorized access. The rules only serve to make forms easier to read and assist in editorial work.

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