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FOCUS property

Checks whether an input component is focused

The expression <PROPERTY source='gadget' name='FOCUS'/> can be used in the area Value determination of the rule definition (or for the definition of a precondition) and checks whether an input component is focused by the editor, for example, by setting the cursor in a text input field or expanding a combo box. The expression returns a Boolean value.


Warning text appears in the form if the input component is focused

In this example, a warning text appears to the editor as soon as the editor focuses on the input component “st_text”. The FirstSpirit Framework in this case returns the expression <PROPERTY source="st_text" name="FOCUS"/> TRUE. So that the validation shows a rule violation and, at the same time, the warning text appears, the expression has to be negated within the value determination.

<PROPERTY source="st_text" name="FOCUS"/>
<PROPERTY source="st_text" name="VALID"/>
<MESSAGE lang="*" text="Type &quot;Property&quot;"/>
<MESSAGE lang="DE" text="Typ &quot;Property&quot;"/>

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