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FS_LIST Migration Guide

With FirstSpirit version 5.2R3 the input component FS_LIST has been deprecated. The component was used for creating and maintaining lists.

FirstSpirit support of the input component is planned to be discontinued from January 2020 on.

The component can no longer be used from this point on. That means:

  • forms with FS_LIST can no longer be edited and
  • the expected output will no longer be generated.

Important We recommend developers and end users to switch to alternative FirstSpirit input components at an early stage. Before updating to FirstSpirit 2020-01 or higher, all FS_LIST uses must be converted to one of the successor components.

As replacements the input components FS_CATALOG, FS_INDEX, and CMS_INPUT_SECTIONLIST are available, likewise providing functionality for the bundling of contents and thus largely taking over the FS_LIST use cases.

Important After the transition to the new input components a return to FS_LIST is not possible - not even after a server downgrade.

Please contact Technical Support if you have questions or feedback regarding the migration away from FS_LIST.

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