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CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONSAvailable from FirstSpirit Version 4.2

In FirstSpirit there are some input components which offer a set of values to be selected by the editor, e.g. CMS_INPUT_CHECKBOX, CMS_INPUT_COMBOBOX, CMS_INPUT_LIST or CMS_INPUT_RADIOBUTTON.

By means of the data element CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS this set of values can be organised and output dynamically. I.e. the input component can be, for example, filled with data sets of an external table, with the project's languages, template sets etc.

The parameter type is used to define which type is to be used, e. g.


The following types are available:

  • LANGUAGE: output of project languages
  • TEMPLATESET: output of the project's template sets
  • DATABASE: output of the content of data sources
  • PUBLIC: output of the content which is made available via a public interface

The tags and parameters which can be used and examples are documented on the following sub-pages, one page for each type. These can be accessed by the links.

Important CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS enhances the scope of the data element CMS_INCLUDE_CONTENT and replaces it since FirstSpirit version 5.0. You can find a comparison between the use of CMS_INCLUDE_CONTENT and CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS in the example section for the type DATABASE.

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