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FS_LIST, type SERVICE → Data Access Plugin

A service written for use with FS_LIST must be replaced by a Data Access Plugin that provides the respective functionality for FS_LIST.

For the Data Access Plugin to be able to process the old data format (of the service), the DataAccessSession.getData(...) method must be able to handle the identifiers of the previous service. These are passed as a string or list of strings. The individual strings each correspond to one identifier.


FS_LIST (type SERVICE) contains the IDs 22, 333 and 4444.

These are automatically converted into a list of strings by FirstSpirit before calling the Data Access Plugin respectively its getData method: ["22","333","4444"].

Further documentation:

  • A description of the Data Access infrastructure, which enables module developers to integrate external data sources into FirstSpirit, is provided via the Plug-In Development documentation.
  • FirstSpirit-Access API: interface DataAccessPlugin and interface DataAccessSession.

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