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Browser engine

Activate browser engine: this option depends on the setting for the “Activate integrated preview for content” option on the “Integrated preview: Content” tab. The two options must be either enabled or disabled at the same time. If this option is disabled, changes cannot be made on this tab.
The file formats defined in the “browser engine” field of the Integrated preview: Media tab are then not displayed in the browser engine integrated in FirstSpirit, but are instead displayed in an external application. This option is selected by default so that the user can specify which browser engine is to be used for the file formats defined in the “Browser engine” field using the following radio buttons and combo boxes:

individually adjustable: if this option is selected, users can select the browser engine in the particular project themselves. This option is selected by default. The “Default:” combo box allows the user to specify which browser engine should be set by default. The default setting is Google Chrome.

fixed definition: if this option is selected, a browser engine can be specified for the project. It will then not be possible for the user to make a selection from the “Browser engine” submenu of the SiteArchitect “View” menu in this project (see ).

Known restrictions concerning Google Chrome:

  • The integration of Chrome is based on a special application and does not use any existing, locally installed version of Google Chrome, or any user data that is used for this purpose. No automatic updates are carried out either.
  • No plug-ins can be installed (e.g., Adobe Flash Player plug-in for displaying Flash files).

For information on the system requirements and limitations related to the browser engine, see Technical requirements and recommendations, and for information on the rollout process for native browser integration components, see Roll-out process for native applications.

Important Operating system-specific third party applications in the AppCenter of the FirstSpirit SiteArchitect are no longer supported since Oracle Java 9 (exception: Google Chrome).

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