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Configuring Webstart (Quick start)

FirstSpirit SiteArchitect and FirstSpirit ServerManager are started via the FirstSpirit Launcher. The start parameters are transferred to the launcher via the .fslnch configuration file. The values configured in the “Webstart” dialog are transferred to the .fslnch configuration file and immediately affect the start of the applications.

SiteArchitect tab: Configuration for starting SiteArchitect and the quick start entries on the start page. The parameters configured here affect all SiteArchitect “Java” type quick start entries on the start page if no other parameters were explicitly defined for the entry in the “start page” area.

Individual quick start entries can be configured via the Start page dialog. The generally applicable values are overwritten in the “Webstart” area.

The configuration options correspond to the user-specific Webstart configuration (see Configuring connection settings).

In the Additional parameters (optional) area, it is also possible to specify the parameters required to disclose self-signed certificates to SiteArchitect/ServerManager. The local disclosure location of the certificate is specified for this purpose.
The following parameters are used to do this:\myfolder\secret\mykeystore.jks;

ServerManager tab: Configuration for starting ServerManager. The parameters are similar to those of the quick start entries on the “SiteArchitect” tab.

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