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#cardAvailable from FirstSpirit Version 2018-12

The #card system object is available within section and link templates referenced by an FS_CATALOG input component. However, only in $CMS_VALUE(...)$ calls, not in outputs via $CMS_FOR(...)$.

It represents the entry (section or link) of an FS_CATALOG input component.

The internal UUID can be output for each “Card” using the getId() method (in Bean syntax: .id). This enables the unique identification of the entry within the FS_CATALOG input component:


An example of this type of UUID would be as follows:


The getId() method can also be used to determine the UUID of an entry from the template that defines the FS_CATALOG input component. See also the Card data type.

Using the find(String) method, the content of a “Card” can be determined by means of the UUID.

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