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#formAvailable from FirstSpirit Version 5.0

Important This object is available only within the dynamic forms rule definitions.

The #form system object can be used in the dynamic forms rule definitions to control the visibility of the form design elements CMS_GROUP and CMS_LABEL.

For this purpose, a <PROPERTY/> tag can be added to a (<DO/>) handling instruction of the dynamic form with a source attribute that uses the #form object:

<PROPERTY source="#form.tabgroup1" name="VISIBLE" />

If this handling instruction is specified within a rule definition, the design element called tabgroup1 is only displayed in the form when the evaluation results of the rule blocks <IF/> (precondition) and <WITH/> (value determination) are true.

In this case, use of the #form always follows the format


where component_name corresponds to the name attribute of a <CMS_GROUP/> or <CMS_LABEL/> tag of the form definition.

Additional information on how to use the #form system object is available under <PROPERTY/> form properties and <DO/> handling instructions in the Dynamic forms documentation.

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