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#itemAvailable from FirstSpirit Version 5.0

Important This object is only available in conjunction with the form definition of the FS_DATASET input component as well as in conjunction with the multi-value input components that include additional content via CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS.

With the help of the #item system object, in input components that can process additional objects such as store elements, access is available to values of the input components of these objects.

The #item object in this case represents an element, e.g. a section, link or dataset, that is aggregated or associated in the aforementioned input components.

Individual input components of the element are accessed using the format


where st_headline corresponds to the name (name attribute from the form definition) of an input component.

If a foreign key relationship of a table row is to be used, the column names of the particular tables need to be specified:


In this case, product_Properties_Type corresponds to the column of the table from which the dataset represented by #item originates. Name corresponds to the column to be used from the foreign table.

Important If the name (of the table column) uses a reserved operator character, for example a minus sign (-) the following syntax must be used: #item.get("Name")

Example: Table column name with minus sign (“Text_EN-en”)

     <CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS type="database"> 
         <LABEL lang="*">#item.get("Text_EN-en")</LABEL> 
       <LANGINFO lang="*" label=""/> 

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