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Selection dialogs

The selection dialogs in SiteArchitect offer navigation and search options for quickly locating the objects that are to be referenced, e.g., images and files from the media store or page references from the site store. This makes it much easier to work with big projects that have a lot of content.

Use the “Open” icon (e.g., ) or the “Add” icon (e.g., ) to select objects in the input components for

This opens a dialog for easily locating and selecting objects from the relevant store (although this may depend on what settings have been configured by the template developer). Objects are only displayed if:

  • the input component specifications allow them to be selected and
  • they are visible to the user Objects are not shown to the user in the selection dialog if he or she does not have the necessary permissions for them; in cases where the user has been assigned the “Visible” permission for an object, the object concerned is merely displayed as a hit in the list of results on the Navigation tab. Once again, the permission configuration applies.

For information on navigation via keyboard shortcuts, see keyboard shortcuts.

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