Introduction / Context menus

Context menus in SiteArchitect

The following sections describe the context menus available in the individual SiteArchitect stores.

1. All context menus are structured in the same way:

  • The top part contains general functions.
  • These are followed by specific functions for the selected node.
  • The bottom area contains management functions which are usually only required by project administrators. Most of these cannot be executed by normal users and are therefore displayed grayed out.
  • FirstSpirit Module developers may add additional functionality in the Plug-ins context menu area via FirstSpirit-API.

2. To open a context menu an object (e.g., a folder or a page) is selected in the tree view on the left-hand part of the screen and is then right-clicked to open the context menu for this object. The required menu item can be selected with a single click.

3. Deactivated menu items are “grayed out”. If this is the case, the function is not available to the user. The potential reasons for this are:

  • The object is currently being edited by another user.
  • The status of the current object.
  • The user lacks the permissions to perform a specific action.

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