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FirstSpirit Server configuration (fs-server.conf)

The file fs-server.conf located in the subdirectory conf of the FirstSpirit Server contains important configuration settings for the server and must be adapted, if necessary.

Changes to the configuration file fs-server.conf can be carried out via FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring. The changes are subsequently written into the configuration file and updated on the server.

Important Certain changes to the configuration file fs-server.conf (e.g. changes to the port) require a server restart. Direct changes to the configuration file fs-server.conf (via the configuration file and not via FirstSpirit ServerMonitoring) always require a server restart!

The file has the same structure under Windows and UNIX. Please observe the system-independent notation with / for the path names. Comment lines can be commenced with # at the beginning of the line; # after a parameter value is not considered a comment character. Parameter values with spaces can be entered directly without a change, i.e. without " or \.

The configuration file fs-server.conf is divided into function-related areas. The individual areas and the respective parameters are described below. However, please note that the sequence of entries might vary:

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