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Important This menu item is only available to server administrators.


The FirstSpirit Server is configured with the Configuration file


located in the installation directory of the FirstSpirit Server.

The file can be opened for editing by clicking on the entry “Server”. The individual parameters for the configuration of the FirstSpirit Server are explained in the chapter Configuration of the FirstSpirit Server (fs-server.conf). Some changes may require restarting of the server (e.g. if changing a port); other changes can be made while the server is running. The changes must be saved and the configuration file needs to be reloaded on the server.

Alternative configuration option: fs-server-aux.conf

Another configuration option for the server is the configuration file


It can be used to overwrite the configuration that was made with the fs-server.conf file.

It is intended for scenarios where the fs-server.conf file is automatically generated. Manual changes in this file will be overwritten or removed by automatic updates. In contrast, the fs-server-aux.conf file will not be overwritten or changed.

Parameters for the server configuration are analyzed in the following sequence (if applicable):

  1. -D Java properties
  2. Environment variables of the operating system
  3. fs-server-aux.conf
  4. fs-server.conf
  5. Default values

If necessary, the file can be created and edited under this menu item in the “fs-server-aux.conf” field.

Categorically, all parameters that can be used in the fs-server.conf file can also be used in the fs-server-aux.conf file.
However, some parameters should not be used in the fs-server-aux.conf file because, for example, they would be overwritten with values set using the FirstServer interface, such as:

  • hdd.directories
  • hdd.limit
  • hdd.shutdown
  • JAAS*
  • mail.default-recipient
  • services
  • WEBAPP_*
  • webserver.conf-migration
  • webstart*

*: Parameters that start with this character string


Clicking on the Save button saves the current server configuration changes and integrates them into the running server operation.


Clicking on the Cancel button takes the user back to the configuration overview. Any recent changes are reset if the configuration file was not saved beforehand.

Restarting the server

If this option is activated, clicking on the Save button will save the latest server configuration changes and then restart the server. (The start of the FirstSpirit Server is ensured by the fs-wrapper*.conf configuration file, see Start options).

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