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Important This menu item is only available to server administrators.

The FirstSpirit server conf subdirectory contains the fs-logging.conf file, which contains important configuration settings for the “Log” schedules and must be adjusted when necessary. The associated parameters see Logging configuration .

Any errors or notifications are passed to the logging system log4j by default. The framework is used to carry out quantification of the log outputs. The available categories (Log level) are

  • INFO

Additional categories can also be configured if required (e.g. FATAL, WARN). The exceptions are the two levels ALL and OFF, which either completely deactivate logging (OFF) or output all messages without filtering them (ALL). Filtering and the type of output can be configured during runtime.

In addition to this default log, other log files can also be configured. The status of each log file (active | inactive) appears next to the name of the corresponding log file. An inactive log file can be activated by clicking on the Use button. The log file that was active previously is then deactivated, since only one log file can be active at any given time. After a restart of the server, the default log is automatically active again.

Clicking on the Edit button allows the user to make changes to the log file.

Clicking on the Save button saves the changes. Changes to the configuration file are updated automatically on the server during operation within the specified time intervals. The FirstSpirit server therefore does not have to be restarted.

Clicking on the Cancel button takes the user back to the configuration overview. The latest changes to the configuration file are reset if the file was not saved beforehand.

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