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Important This menu item is only available to server administrators.

The “Clustering” menu is used to open an overview of the existing cluster nodes for generation. Initially the overview is blank (if only a FirstSpirit master server is present). Cluster nodes are displayed only after they are present in the cluster group (see Server properties Clustering).

Any number of “generation slaves” can be displayed for the distributed processing of generation schedule entries.

The following information is shown for each generation server:

Version: FirstSpirit Server version number.                         

Server type: the cluster node server type is specified here. The overview shows, for instance, the “SLAVE (Generation Slave)” type, which is responsible for deployment processes. Multiple generation servers can of course be used. For instance, multiple deployments can be distributed across different servers, if necessary.

Last contact: time of last server contact (ping).

Current status: the current status of the server:

  • IDLE - Idle
  • BUSY - The server is currently busy handling processes.

Load: shows the percentage of server utilization, such as for processing a generation schedule entry.

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