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Projects – Overview

This page includes a table of all projects installed on the server. In addition to the project name and description, the table lists the number of users permitted to access the individual project and whether the project is activated or deactivated on the server. The current schedule status of the project and the project ID are also displayed.

This and other information can also be requested via JMX monitoring (see ProjectManager).

This list can be sorted by project name, user, activation status or project ID. The option “Active projects only” is used to hide all deactivated projects. Clicking on the Update projects button updates the project overview.

Important Project administrators see only the projects for which they are registered as administrator.

Clicking on a project in the list displays detailed information on that project.

Project details

The project details include:

Project name, description as they are defined in the project properties.

Project ID unique project ID for the server.

Activated indicates whether the project is activated or not.

Max. sessions indicates the maximum number of sessions.

Last accessed, last changed, last release, statistics start time shows the point in time at which these actions were carried out.

Number of users shows the number of users registered for this project.

Users shows the logins of the users registered for this project.

Last used shows the last 5 users of the project.

There is also a table listing all groups defined for the project and their associated users.

Show import log: clicking on this button displays the project import log file.

Show import ID map: clicking on this button displays the project import log map. When importing a project, the “old” IDs are replaced by the new values. The “old” IDs replaced with “new” ones are shown in the ID map.

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