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Add SpellService as project component

Spelling checking can be activated or deactivated for a specific project. In this case the SpellService module is first installed centrally via the server properties (see Install/uninstall SpellService). The global configuration is also carried out via the server properties (see Configure Global SpellService). Global dictionaries can be created and configured which are then available within the SpellService project configuration (see Configure Global SpellService).

Project-specific configuration of the SpellService then takes place via the project properties in the Project Components area.

Important The SpellService must be started before a SpellService project configuration can take place (see Start and configure "SpellService" service).

Click the Add button to add the SpellService configuration to a project.

The globally configured functions of the installed component are then available in the project.

Project properties – SpellService Project Configuration

Click the Delete button to remove a previously added SpellService Project Configuration. All project-specific SpellService configurations (project-specific dictionaries, permissions) are also removed. A confirmation prompt appears before the dictionary is deleted.

Click the Update button to update an existing SpellService Configuration. The button is only active if the “SpellService” module has been updated on the server (see page Update SpellService). In this case the version numbers of the global SpellService project configuration and the project-specific SpellService project configuration differ. The configuration settings to date (dictionaries, permissions) are retained with the update. (Depending on the new module version however, manual adjustments may be necessary.)

Click the Configure button to define the project-specific SpellService configuration (see following page).

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